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Happy New Year


643 // December 31, 2009 A very spur-of-the-moment photograph of Keystone’s Torch Light Parade down the mountain. Caught it at the tail end — wish I knew earlier so that I could set up a better long-exposure shot. Next time I suppose. Have a very safe and happy new year! Advertisements

599 // October 27, 2009 Great Pumpkin Patch, experience described a couple days ago.

598 // October 26, 2009 Cute litltle pumpkin-wumpkins… …and some that are a little bit different. Anyone know how or why they might grow like this?



597 // Octoer 25, 2009 I hope you don’t mind – I took a couple days off from the blog because I’ve been quite busy with our house. Today me, my two sisters and niece went in search of some great pumpkins to carve. After a visit to the pumpkin corner off Wadsworth and almost […]

Happy Holidays


399 // December 24, 2008 Happy Holidays to all!

395 // December 18, 2008 Tonight we finally set up our Simpson’s Christmas Village, which we try to do every year if we are in Denver. If you don’t already know, we love The Simpsons. Can quote any episode, have all the DVDs and hardly ever miss any of the reruns at 6, 6:30 and […]



393 // December 16, 2008 Warm lights, out of focus for keeping a cold December night warm.

386 // December 09, 2008 Thanks for your understanding yesterday, I was having technical issues with my laptop – which is actually being rebuilt at the moment. Fun times, but I digress. I have great news to share. The word exciting comes to mind. My favorite in-laws bought me a brand-new camera for Christmas: the […]

Happy Eggs


154 // March 22, 2008 Happy Easter! Back in Chicago to spend time with the family, and my sisters had dyed a bunch of eggs the day before my arrival. However, I knew they were doing that. What I didn’t know is how my youngest sister had meticulously painted on special pictures on each egg, […]



150 // March 17, 2008 Realizing that most people read this blog the morning after I write it, I say nuts to that and Happy St. Patrick’s Day anyway. We celebrated here with some yummy potato and cheese soup, car bombs and black-and-tans with Dave’s brother and wife. Wait, how does that make me sober […]

Merry Christmas


070 // December 25, 2007 Hope you have a wonderful and joyful holiday!

065 // December 20, 2007 Originally taken on December 13, 2007. Wrapping up the holiday light series, here is a second picture of the little town of Idaho Springs, Colorado — you can see the other post here.

064 // December 19, 2007 Looking from across the street at McDonald’s — the tree lights just off of Colfax were pretty. The fast food chain even decorated with lights on the roof and a few wreaths to greet their customers.

063 // December 17, 2007 Just off of Colfax Avenue, a motorcycle sits in front of a showroom with a lit Christmas Tree.