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I’m pleased announce that after all this time, I have finally migrated the Cocktail Hour blog onto one of my own hosted websites, It will now be treated as a part of the Bergen Studios | Photography entity. The biggest improvement are larger photographs for viewing. It’s a photoblog! We should see photos on […]



I’ve noticed the past week-or-so that I haven’t been receiving the blog posts via email on a regular basis – if I do, they are a day late. I just looked into it, and hopefully it’s fixed. Feedburner looks like it went through some changes and I’ll keep my eye on it. Sorry for all […]

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Not sure how many of you check the Flickr side of this blog at all — but I thought I’d share some recent comments that I found particularly interesting and cool. 01/04/2009 – Backcountry Skier 01/01/2009 – Birds on a Wire Oh, and some readers also came up with some imaginative comments on the Cirrus […]

386 // December 09, 2008 Thanks for your understanding yesterday, I was having technical issues with my laptop – which is actually being rebuilt at the moment. Fun times, but I digress. I have great news to share. The word exciting comes to mind. My favorite in-laws bought me a brand-new camera for Christmas: the […]

I thought I would just shoot a quick little note tonight, even though I’m in a food and alcohol comatose. I sincerly hope that you were able to share this day with family or some close friends. Between doing all the cooking and cleaning, the only pictures I got in were of family, so I’ll […]

349 // October 22, 2008 Thank you so much for everyone who commented or wrote notes of congratulations for my blog’s one-year-anniversary. It’s been an outstanding year! Hubs, Auntie Jani and Jon Fisher… come on down! Hubs – I know you’re from Colorado, so I’m choosing you to receive the four 4×6 prints from Kenosha […]

Dancing Trees


347 // October 20, 2008 Near Stapleton/Northfield in Denver, Colorado.



I want to thank everyone for the suggestions yesterday and today via the blog, Twitter and emails. Stay tuned for the photograph to be re-purposed soon. Apologies in advance, but I’ve been at a conference all day and most of tonight and I’m pretty beat. Unfortunately, I forgot my memory card at home… so… I’m […]

Funny Story


Remember on Friday I said my computer was throwing tantrums all morning? Well, I left it at home over the weekend and was able to post from the condo’s computer in the mountains on Saturday. I was really excited to show you some more pictures. After being able to unpack from the weekend and settle […]



There will be no picture for today because: 1) Timeout error when I try to connect to Flickr. 2) My laptop has been throwing a tantrum all morning. Blue screens galore. 3) Me and The Husband are leaving for the mountains in 15 minutes. I’m so sorry. I’ll try again tomorrow.

In yesterday’s post, I asked if anyone knew the reasoning behind The Broadmoor’s small “a” in their logo. From my understanding, it was because of the rivalry between Penrose, the found of The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, and William Jackson Palmer, the man who founded the Antler’s Hotel in Colorado Springs. Penrose had The Broadmoor’s […]

233 // June 17, 2008 Well yesterday I was pretty blunt about not missing today’s post, and I hope I don’t disappoint. I can’t say whether there were many reasons or very few reasons that I moved out to Colorado. I can tell you one thing: the pure feeling that I get watching Colorado sunsets, […]

A Belated Note


I was away all weekend floating down a river with some friends, my husband & dog, and lotsa beer. You may have noticed that you still received Cocktail Hour because I had written two extra posts with a future posting date… Even though I talked to my papa on Saturday before we hit the river, […]

Gone Drinkin’


191 // May 2, 2008 Hubbie’s birthday festivities have been lit up this weekend already. Some friends from Chicago have flown in already and we took them to Red Rocks, gambling in Blackhawk/Central City, dinner at the Dam Brewery and now are now about to continue the boozing at the condo in the mountains. Took […]