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586 // August 30, 2009 We had our third annual Beer Olympics this weekend – Ireland (my team) got the gold in Ladie’s Bags, Hockey (cards) and Darts – with various other silver and bronzes…but ultimately lost (two points under) of the Overall Medals to America, Scotland and Germany. Fun times, good people, there is […]

530 // June 2, 2009 Not sure where this parachuter or the others came from, but can only suspect they have been in the air for a while. Boulder foothills in the distance, just around dusk.



525 // May 28, 2009 Early morning on the Fox River in Cary, Illinois.



465 // March 15, 2009 Breckenridge as viewed from Arapahoe Basin’s Montezuma Bowl.

431 // February 01, 2009 Who were you rooting for? We got together with our friends tonight – our host graciously made this pseudo-football field out of dips, chips, Twinkies and cheese/meaty substance for the football players. He claimed it took him an hour, but I saw a replica at CostCo (just kidding, the dip […]

410 // January 04, 2008 Beautiful day and conditions for the daring – Loveland Pass is a popular place for skiers and boarders to ski down and hitch a ride back up to the top of the pass to do it all over again.

Skiing Comfort


322 // September 18, 2008 Bought new skis and boots at the annual Sniagrab.held by Sports Authority. I’m super pumped because I’ve been on cheap-o beginner skis for about three years, with the exception of a snowboard stint last winter. I never knew ski boots could be this comfortable. That is all, see you on […]

Full Moon Fever


209 // May 21, 2008 Moon rising over Coors Field made for a fantastic photograph tonight. Now, who knows the album with the same title as this post? 🙂

183 // April 24, 2008 Coors Field lit up at night from afar.

Cubs in Denver


182 // April 23, 2008 Never a disappointment — be it the friends we hang out with or the actual win for the Cubbies, the experience is always great. Every year the Cubbies are in town, festivities light up all over town. In prior years, they have always come in for 3-4 games on a […]

109 // February 05, 2008 Cars sit outside the Sports Authority in Denver off Broadway.

046 // December 01, 2007 Teams of people participating in 36 Hours of Keystone gather at the closing ceremony where prizes and goodies were being given away.

Gearing Up


027 // November 12, 2007 Snowboarders gearing up on Keystone mountain in the early season.