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581 // October 05, 2009 Again from Boulder, Colorado. Advertisements

Boulder Quotes


575 // September 27, 2009 I cannot remember 100% where this building is that houses a lot of these famous artist – music, painting, authors, etc – quotes, except that it was close to the Pearl Street Mall and I just had to take some photos of them.

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547 // June 23, 2009 Street artist collateral.



496 // April 21, 2009 Concrete statue by Zhang Huan. Millenium Bridge, downtown Denver. Best info I can find on this work of art is on page two of this PDF document.

To Colorado


380 // December 02, 2008 Alright, any of the Denver natives want to fill me in on the weather? it got close to 70 degrees. Well, it was beautiful and I enjoyed yet another psuedo-fall day here. This is another painting from Denver’s Northfield Stapleton area.



126 // February 22, 2008 The new Mustang statue greets cars driving into Denver International Airport — full story here. I have to admit it looks pretty spooky in the dark with red beady eyes, but overall the art creates a great presence.

113 // February 09, 2008 Near Petco Park in San Diego, California. “The artwork consists of 18 nine-foot-high cast iron headless figures arranged in two rows. Artist Magdalena Abakanowicz said the headless figures derive from the social turmoil she has experienced, as well as the nature of humans as they travel in groups. The 18 […]