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507 // May 03, 2009 Since my pinhole class last weekend I made some more, smaller pinhole cameras. This morning I took them out to my backyard to shoot before we met up for a little bit again – this was the guy who got me the best result. The negative to this print was […]

Macro Pine Cone


425 // January 22, 2009 Pine cone still hanging around in January. Taken with a super-macro lens.

Gentle Winter


416 // January 13, 2009 There are so many pieces of this photo that I enjoy – the bird’s expression, the small chunk of snow, the texture of the overturned chair in the lower right… I had a hard time with the title, though. What do you think?

364 // November 07, 2008 I’ve left this Polaroid at my parent’s house for a few months, retrieved it and am finally posting it. One of my more favorite Polaroids I’ve taken.

Fall or Summer?


331 // September 28, 2008 The first day of Autumn has come and gone, but the weather isn’t showing any signs of cooling down. We’re still in the 80’s around here, but the leaves are starting to turn. About a month from now, Denver will be in the prime fall color season with beautiful and […]



329 // September 25, 2008 I took these shots of Cubbie while attempting to teach him how to catch a Frisbee in his mouth. He’s getting the hang of it — but it keeps bonking him in the nose or going over his body. He makes the effort of jumping, but hasn’t mouthed it quite […]

Red Chair


298 // August 24, 2008 Hi. I should’ve let you know that I wasn’t going to be posting yesterday. We had the 2nd Annual Beer Olympics on Saturday and it was bigger, better and louder than last year’s. This is a shot after a Beer Pong Tournament with a Germany team member in the background […]

Blank Canvas


294 // August 19, 2008 Mentioned yesterday that I’d be starting an exciting project tonight; well, here is my blank canvas. Tools that are necessary for the preliminary sketching of the scene on the one board. More to come 🙂

Yellow and Blue


278 // August 01, 2008 Getting prepared for tomorrow’s festivities. Happy August, by the way. How’s the weather by you? Denver has broken records with 19+ consecutive 90’+ days. Chicago is is hot and humid as usual. Wherever you are, hope you’re staying cool 🙂



243 // June 27, 2008 I can’t believe it. We have friends that are visiting from out of town, and we can’t see them. It all started off with my right eye being a little red…then my left eye became a little red… then I could barely open my eyes because of the burning and […]

A Secret.


211 // May 23, 2008 OK. It’s springtime, so forgive me if I have been posting all the pretty flowers and plants a lot. Like here, here and here… oh, and here. There are many more, and they are so delightful, but I’ll move on. With all these pretty flowers in the backyard I’ve shown […]



204 // May 15, 2008 When I was little we used to call these little guys “helicopters” because when they fell off the tree, they would spin like helicopters to the ground. Oh, and I had only three seconds to snap this picture before the animal you see in the background reached me at full […]

Meet Cubbie


193 // May 04, 2008 My husband and I have been waiting to get this special little guy for about 9 months and today finally arrived. He is a Portuguese Waterdog and right now about 8 weeks old, 7 pounds — named after our beloved Chicago Cubs. Just wanted to share the newest addition to […]

Lazy Day


178 // April 15, 2008 What a beautiful day it was in Denver today! I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, have all the windows open in the house sans any distractions. Being zoned out in work (as usual), I finally glanced up to look out of the window about mid-afternoon. […]