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569 // August 04, 2009 This is one of a few feathers I have seen around Denver – can anyone name what bird it comes from? I’m horrible with identifying them – aside from all the diseases it’s probably carrying, sure is a pretty one. Advertisements

Shooting in RAW


543 // June 18, 2009 Some people ask me how large I can print my photographs in, how many megapixels the camera is, how big of a file the JPG takes up when I shoot on my memory card. Photo geeks ask whether or not I shoot in RAW format. I do, and for every […]

538 // June 13, 2009 Blue Heron just off the dock.

Coors Sparrow


485 // April 10, 2009 Red Breasted Sparrow by Coors Field in April. He kept flying around so it took a few tries to get him through the branches, but I think the patience was worth it.

429 // Januray 28, 2009 Polarizing UV filter used – no post processing on this photo.



419 // January 16, 2009 Summit County, Colorado.

Gentle Winter


416 // January 13, 2009 There are so many pieces of this photo that I enjoy – the bird’s expression, the small chunk of snow, the texture of the overturned chair in the lower right… I had a hard time with the title, though. What do you think?

334 // October 01, 2008 This was a very cute scene while at a stoplight on 17th and Colorado Blvd. I really love the photo’s intention, but after uploading it to the computer I feel as thought there are too many textures and fine details to bring out the birdies. If you’re a photographer (amateur […]

Refreshing Blue


227 // June 10, 2008 The past couple of days I’ve noticed that the moon has been visible for most all the the day. Looking up into the sky, that stretch of clouds led me to Earth’s only natural satellite. I’ve posted birds on a wire before, but I just get to wondering what the […]



208 // May 2008 Crow, bare tree and pink clouds in the late afternoon.

In Flight


072 // December 27, 2007 Catching a bird taking off the dock fence in Clearwater, Florida.

051 // December 06, 2007 Originally taken on August 31, 2007 Well, I can’t believe it — for the first time, I left my camera at home today. I’ll take this opportunity to dig into my archives and post a picture I’ve been dying to share. This was taken en route up to Mt. Huron, […]