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635 // December 16, 2009 Driving on I-70. Advertisements

Rearview Mirror


579 // October 01, 2009 Sister in the driver’s seat.

564 // July 26, 2009 These images were taken with my Holga camera – the first roll I’ve ever done. Since receiving the two rolls of 120 film back, I’ve learned that I need to keep a distance of at least 5 feet from my subject for a clear picture. Can’t wait to show you […]

501 // April 26, 2009 My camera “lens” – the teeny-tiny hole Today was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. What’s pinhole photography? Well, read more about it here and here to understand a little more. Negative pinhole photography print on paper I participated by attending a class presented by the non-profit Denver Darkroom downtown. We met […]



463 // March 13, 2009 Woah. There are some flowers blooming in the grass at Johnson & Wales – I naturally bent down to take a couple of macro shots. I kid you not, I had no idea that this image turned out so artisticly (like a painting) until I saw it on the computer. […]



393 // December 16, 2008 Warm lights, out of focus for keeping a cold December night warm.

Brown Movement


351 // October 24, 2008 Sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised when “accident” pictures come out in a neat, artistic way.

245 // June 29, 2008 First, I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and emails about the unfortunate condition from Friday. We are in the clear and have been un-contagious — so much that our friends that were visiting came down to spend Saturday night with us. Anyway, we ended up going to […]

167 // April 05, 2008 Ahhh… Spring is here, the weather is warm and it is certainly noticeable. If you didn’t notice my absent post yesterday, then this is my confession — and I’m double-posting today to make up for it. Budding tree on the Johnson & Wales University campus down the street from the […]

051 // December 06, 2007 Originally taken on August 31, 2007 Well, I can’t believe it — for the first time, I left my camera at home today. I’ll take this opportunity to dig into my archives and post a picture I’ve been dying to share. This was taken en route up to Mt. Huron, […]