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I’m pleased announce that after all this time, I have finally migrated the Cocktail Hour blog onto one of my own hosted websites, It will now be treated as a part of the Bergen Studios | Photography entity. The biggest improvement are larger photographs for viewing. It’s a photoblog! We should see photos on […]

1956 Astronomy


137 // March 04, 2008 Came across this in my parent’s basement when I was in Chicago, found it both amusing and very interesting. The illustrations inside are very basic line drawings and I haven’t fully read (or at least skimmed) through the text. Lots of character and I didn’t want it to end up […]



125 // February 21, 2008 A collaborate design book I participated in came via FedEx today! This is a limited edition, handmade book that only enough are made for the participants involved. The theme was “Alphabet” and you can see from the pictures that the packaging to the decorative elements were all related to this […]