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Skiing Comfort


322 // September 18, 2008 Bought new skis and boots at the annual Sniagrab.held by Sports Authority. I’m super pumped because I’ve been on cheap-o beginner skis for about three years, with the exception of a snowboard stint last winter. I never knew ski boots could be this comfortable. That is all, see you on […]

176 // April 13, 2008 Continued from yesterday’s post — “Gaper Day (pt. 1)” Mullets in an empty hot tub. “Don’t Mess with Texas” and “Dick Cheney”… The end of Gaper Day — what a day. What a great day indeed.

175 // April 12, 2008 Gaper Day — aka “Thrift Store Ski Party” — was held at Arapahoe Basin today. Lots of beer, music and locals in florescent onesies with mullets. Gaper: A gaper is a skiier or snowboarder who is completely clueless. Usually distinguished by their bright colored clothes and a gaper gap, the […]