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Happy Holidays


639 // December 27, 2009 Hello! Took an unexpected break from the blog, and I am here to welcome you back on this Monday morning. Hope you had a wonderful holiday break, as did I (didn’t go near a computer for almost five days!). Now, I’m ready to get back down to business as well […]

Blue Field


622 // November 29, 2009 On the trail up Mayflower Gulch in Summit County.

586 // October 10, 2009 Some photographs of the striking aspen trees on a walk today up in the mountains. Fall is pretty much over and I was glad to capture some of these gorgeous colors.

579 // August 20, 2009 Summertime in Denver.



462 // March 12, 2009 Tracks in Summit County, Colrorado.



443 // February 15, 2009 Is it spring yet? It might not be snowing down here too much, but there isn’t any greenery around, either. All that’s left is some of the stronger plants that survived the couple frosts we had….



132 // February 28, 2008 Downtown Chicago — these seem completely random from what I can tell…