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591 // October 15, 2009 Mountains of Colorado.

Shooting in RAW


543 // June 18, 2009 Some people ask me how large I can print my photographs in, how many megapixels the camera is, how big of a file the JPG takes up when I shoot on my memory card. Photo geeks ask whether or not I shoot in RAW format. I do, and for every […]

Coors Sparrow


485 // April 10, 2009 Red Breasted Sparrow by Coors Field in April. He kept flying around so it took a few tries to get him through the branches, but I think the patience was worth it.

Straight Up


158 // March 26, 2008 The airplanes that seem to fly straight up into the air (you know, like rockets) get me thinking about how vast the planet we are on is. The plane is going straight up, but you know it is just heading across the country — the roundness of the earth, physics, […]

142 // March 09, 2008 Daylight Savings Day! Can’t remember a time where I was more excited to lose an hour of sleep than today. This means longer days… summer is closer… warmer weather. I took the opportunity in the very late afternoon to scour the backyard for some great pictures. Photographs are always *excellent* […]

Tree Top Snow


130 // February 26, 2008 It’s been a really long day and I almost forgot to post before I passed out tonight. This was taken around noon, looking down at the bare tree with snow glistening on top of it.

Reaching Out


122 // February 18, 2008 Bare tree branches reach out to grab the moon at dusk in front of the house.