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Little Guy


572 // September 23, 2009 Fun subject to photograph when I was recently in Florida. Advertisements



562 // September 08, 2009 Spotted this guy on a trail up near Red Rocks in Morrison over the weekend — I just loved the facial expression. …And he pretended not to see me. Pssht.

554 // July 03, 2009 Shot some photos in passing of some sprinklers. I love how white and charismatic these seemingly-simple drops of water actually are. Hope you’re staying cool enough this weekend!

Free CDs


547 // June 23, 2009 Street artist collateral.

Three Gates


448 // February 22, 2009 City Park in Denver –  part of a 7.5 mile walk we did today with our dog.

Brown Movement


351 // October 24, 2008 Sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised when “accident” pictures come out in a neat, artistic way.

338 // October 06, 2008 The last part of my fall series from Kenosha Pass. Hope you caught one and two, I can’t decide which day is my favorite yet between all three. Perhaps this whole series is my favorite on Cocktail Hour. After yesterday‘s post about film coming out so much better than anything […]

337 // October 05, 2008 Continued photographs from yesterday’s post. I’m posting four today instead of my max of three, hope you enjoy. Walking around… sometimes the marks on trees reminds me of looking at the clouds that form shapes and pictures. This one reminds me of a dog’s head, can’t decipher the rest. What […]

336 // October 04, 2008 I have the best husband in the world. Think of him as the backbone of Cocktail Hour. If he wasn’t the driver, if he didn’t ever plan any day trips, if he didn’t ever drive us a little out of the way just because he thinks that I could get […]

Odd-man Out


273 // July 27, 2008 Near Quebec St. in Denver.

118 // February 14, 2008 Slightly green in the middle of the neutral browns and reds… Dead leaves to shrivel from the cold.