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Leafy Evolution


574 // September 27, 2009 I went to leave the house today through the side door, when I looked at the screen and thought, “how strange, a leaf stuck to the screen – and it’s not moving even when I swing the door open” – until I looked closer. What a strange creature. I read […]



567 // September 15, 2009 I learned tonight that snails are notorious for coming out at at night in Florida, especially after a lot of rain. I’m 99.9999% sure I stepped on one as well…sweet. Thus continues my series of hopefully-I’ll-get-over-my-creepy-crawlers-and-bugs phobia.

Beautiful Web


577 // August 18, 2009 Maybe you do or don’t know – I hate spiders and flying thingies in unnatural places (house, office, car…). However, being quite the outdoor-sy girl, I can say that holding my own in Mother Nature is different. I can handle it because I’m prepared and that is where these creatures […]

558 // July 18, 2009 If you have ever crossed the path of a bug and yours truly at the same time, you’d know that I hate ’em. I jump, scream – act like an unnecessary spaz. I can’t help it! The critters freak me out. Except when they are docile and not moving. This […]

Extra Passenger


067 // December 22, 2007 My post yesterday hinted that I was en route to Florida — today we went on the boat and a funny thing happened. About an hour into the ride, a fly landed on the seat in back, sort of tucked in and blocked from the wind. The fly didn’t leave […]