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634 // December 15, 2009 Wee little tree out in Summit County!



633 // December 13, 2009 Looking up at Keystone, warm and cozy from the condo today. We received quite a bit of snow…. more in one day than perhaps the whole month!

Bear Spotted


600 // October 28, 2009 Rather, my hugely-pawed-bear-like puppy. If you didn’t hear, “The Big Snowstorm” was topic on all news channels here in Denver. Nonetheless, it wasn’t bitterly cold — just very heavy, wet snow. Staying away from driving the car anywhere, I’ve been working from home with Cubbie since Tuesday. He really lightens […]

Boulder Quotes


575 // September 27, 2009 I cannot remember 100% where this building is that houses a lot of these famous artist – music, painting, authors, etc – quotes, except that it was close to the Pearl Street Mall and I just had to take some photos of them.



557 // July 06, 2009 I’m curious – which image do you prefer?

507 // May 03, 2009 Since my pinhole class last weekend I made some more, smaller pinhole cameras. This morning I took them out to my backyard to shoot before we met up for a little bit again – this was the guy who got me the best result. The negative to this print was […]

Inside Union


482 // April 07. 2009 Inside Union Station in Denver – photos post-processed for black and white.

Cub on the Run


426 // January 25, 2009 I wish I can show you this image blown up to true size. Actually I can show you a little bit larger version – keep in mind the photo isn’t a panoramic, it has been cropped. Cubbie loves the snow and I think if he could talk human, he’d ask […]



415 // January 12, 2009 Sorry about the lack of weekend posts. We flew to Chicago for a wedding, drinks and lots of Lou Malnati’s (I think we were there for only 40 hours…?). Even though it was snowing a ton this morning back in Denver, it was still to get back in our own […]

323 // September 19, 2008 Part of Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan as seen from the Discovery Center Museum.

205 // May 17, 2008 17th Street in Denver — didn’t even notice the white line until viewing on the computer. Notice anything odd?



147 // March 14, 2008 Clay pot in the house from a friend — love the detail, distress and texture.

White Peel


138 // March 05, 2008 Distressed gutter view on the side of a house.

Isolation Ale


080 // January 07, 2008 Black and white still photo of the Isolation Ale box in the kitchen. Now I just need someone to tell me where that beer went…