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Framed Cameras


618 // November 22, 2009 Framed Cine-Kodak Eight Model 20 (1932 – movie camera) I will apologize in advance, as some (maybe most of my frequent) readers have already seen these photos. Been off my feet for a week now, sick, so I have been running really low on recent photos and the reserve bank. […]

615 // November 18, 2009 The most recent addition to my collection of vintage cameras is owed to a long-time partner/colleague of the company I work for. Lori Feldman has come to know me on more personal level via Twitter — at least enough to know that I am an avid collector of these antique […]

576 // August 17, 2009 I’ve shown you photos that I’ve taken with my Holga, but have I ever shown you what it looks like? It’s a little toy camera made out of plastic, and the kicker/fun part of it is that there are certain to be light leaks, exposing the negative film inside and […]

564 // July 26, 2009 These images were taken with my Holga camera – the first roll I’ve ever done. Since receiving the two rolls of 120 film back, I’ve learned that I need to keep a distance of at least 5 feet from my subject for a clear picture. Can’t wait to show you […]

507 // May 03, 2009 Since my pinhole class last weekend I made some more, smaller pinhole cameras. This morning I took them out to my backyard to shoot before we met up for a little bit again – this was the guy who got me the best result. The negative to this print was […]



445 // February 17, 2009 Don’t have many of these – this is the only other one I can think of that I’ve shared with you. What I didn’t notice until now is how I’m actually reflected twice – I’m liking it even more now because of the depth involved!

386 // December 09, 2008 Thanks for your understanding yesterday, I was having technical issues with my laptop – which is actually being rebuilt at the moment. Fun times, but I digress. I have great news to share. The word exciting comes to mind. My favorite in-laws bought me a brand-new camera for Christmas: the […]

363 // November 06, 2008 Some more cameras that I wanted to add to my “Camera Collection” in Flickr, but haven’t gotten around to yet. Brownie donated by my cousin Serena, who took lots of photography herself in high school and college. This Olympus camera set was donated by my Grandpa! I’ve said it before, […]

Brown Movement


351 // October 24, 2008 Sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised when “accident” pictures come out in a neat, artistic way.

Cub on Film


320 // September 16, 2008 Took shots of Mr. Cub with the 35mm — they came out excellent. The lighting, color and focus were pretty spot on for most the roll. Seems like a natural in front of the camera, don’t you think? 🙂

222 // June 05, 2008 (Sorry for the no-show yesterday, my internet was out at the house when I came home…) This camera was really interesting, only because there was no specific model or make on the camera nor in the instruction booklet. The only thing I can tell is that "Kenetic Marketing" produced this […]

221 // June 03, 2008 To be fair I’ve posted this box before, but without the camera. So here it is — a cheap-o collectible camera from the 1950s. It takes slide film, so don’t think I’ll really have a chance to try this baby out 🙂 Love the packaging, though, and the camera looks […]



220 // June 02, 2008 So this was the second vintage camera I ever acquired — a No. 2-A Autographic Folding Brownie — about a year ago. It was introduced in 1915, and there is some wear on the bellows, but nonetheless I love having it around. You don’t have to know anything about cameras […]

219 // June 01, 2008 Alright. By show of hands, how many of you knew that Polaroid is slowly phasing out production of instant film products by February of 2009? When I heard the news, I thought , “Oh, crap! I gotta get my hands on one pronto!” and thus received one from The Parents […]