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233 // June 17, 2008 Well yesterday I was pretty blunt about not missing today’s post, and I hope I don’t disappoint. I can’t say whether there were many reasons or very few reasons that I moved out to Colorado. I can tell you one thing: the pure feeling that I get watching Colorado sunsets, […]

232 // June 16, 2008 This past weekend we spent on the Yampa River floating in and out of the canyon with canoes filled with friends, dogs and lotsa beer. The weather was absolutely perfect for the entire 38 miles // three days, two nights we were out. Lots of time to laugh and relax […]



096 // January 23, 2008 Floating down the Yampa River in Colorado, I spot a comical “W” formation in the trees.

079 // January 06, 2008 “Passage of Time” Taken on 07/29/2007 on the Colorado River Passage of time is hard to depict photographically. However, looking through some summer albums, this photo is acceptable for one reason: rivers carve the earth. Mother Nature can be so beautiful and mysterious…