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607 // November 07, 2009 Cabana and chair in Clearwater, FL.

Red Chair


298 // August 24, 2008 Hi. I should’ve let you know that I wasn’t going to be posting yesterday. We had the 2nd Annual Beer Olympics on Saturday and it was bigger, better and louder than last year’s. This is a shot after a Beer Pong Tournament with a Germany team member in the background […]

Yellow and Blue


278 // August 01, 2008 Getting prepared for tomorrow’s festivities. Happy August, by the way. How’s the weather by you? Denver has broken records with 19+ consecutive 90’+ days. Chicago is is hot and humid as usual. Wherever you are, hope you’re staying cool 🙂

142 // March 09, 2008 Daylight Savings Day! Can’t remember a time where I was more excited to lose an hour of sleep than today. This means longer days… summer is closer… warmer weather. I took the opportunity in the very late afternoon to scour the backyard for some great pictures. Photographs are always *excellent* […]



097 // January 24, 2008 Sitting on the chairlift under beautiful blue skies at Sol Vista in Colorado. Bonus: Can you spot the “5” in this photograph?