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Cubs in Denver


573 // August 10, 2009 Past four days with the Cubs in town was fun – this sign is flown on the rooftop of a downtown Denver bar, Lodos, famous for welcoming all the Cubs fans with cheap Old Style beer. Unfortunately we didn’t make out too well in the series. That’s all I have […]

523 // May 26, 2009 Flying above the Fox River in Illinois.

Chicago Mikes


518 // May 18. 2009 Chicago Mike’s – supposedly THE one and only place to get a real Chicago hot dog in the Denver area. We still have yet to have a taste-test, but I came by it on the recent photo shoot down Colfax.

417 // January 14, 2008 Chicago suburban backyard  last weekend.



327 // September 24, 2008 Our beloved Chicago Cubs made the playoffs on Saturday. Just FYI, ya know 🙂

Beautiful Baby


314 // September 10, 2008 Drove 1,000 miles to surprise my sister and meet my new niece, Riley Aspen, this week. Really, there are no other words to describe her except so precious and a beautiful gift of life. Happened to bring back three cameras aside from my digital; I took three rolls of film […]

281 // August 05, 2008 Seen through a Polaroid lens at my parent’s house back in Chicago.

Yellow and Blue


278 // August 01, 2008 Getting prepared for tomorrow’s festivities. Happy August, by the way. How’s the weather by you? Denver has broken records with 19+ consecutive 90’+ days. Chicago is is hot and humid as usual. Wherever you are, hope you’re staying cool 🙂

Cubs in Denver


182 // April 23, 2008 Never a disappointment — be it the friends we hang out with or the actual win for the Cubbies, the experience is always great. Every year the Cubbies are in town, festivities light up all over town. In prior years, they have always come in for 3-4 games on a […]

Crazy Lights


153 // March 21, 2008 Famous walkway underground connecting the terminals to baggage claim.



133 // February 29, 2008 Having been back in my hometown for a full week now, the one thing I don’t miss is the weather. Now, it’s not all bad, I swear — but more gray skies than not, bitter cold and pretty windy (I hear Denver is supposed to be 65′ tomorrow)! Aside from […]



132 // February 28, 2008 Downtown Chicago — these seem completely random from what I can tell…

Hancock Hiding


131 // February 27, 2008 Looking from the 16th floor in downtown Chicago, I see blue skies and the skyscrapers… John Hancock building stretching out with antennas. Sweet home Chicago.

Tree Top Snow


130 // February 26, 2008 It’s been a really long day and I almost forgot to post before I passed out tonight. This was taken around noon, looking down at the bare tree with snow glistening on top of it.