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559 // July 08, 2009 This was actually a mistake photo – I meant to capture the silhouette with him looking directly at me – but he turned his head at the last minute. I was disappointed and wrote off the photo as a “meh…”. However, I decided to re-evaluate and revisit — and what […]

506 // May 01, 2009 Texture heaven for a graphic artist – three different sets (lettering/typography; metal shed; exposed brick). Downtown Denver, right off of 20th..This is part of a very old fire station.



484 // April 09, 2009 Downtown Denver.

Under the Light


434 // February 04, 2009 Light post – thought I could get my reflection, but loved how this came our even more.



393 // December 16, 2008 Warm lights, out of focus for keeping a cold December night warm.