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606 // November 05, 2009 Driving downtown Denver, loved the colors and texture of this old beat-up car. Erased the plate, hope it is not too distracting from the photograph. Advertisements

594 // October 20, 2009 Down in the city, off of Colfax Ave and (close to) Broadway.



583 // August 25, 2009 Farmer’s Market in Breckenridge.

The Red Row


582 // August 24, 2009 Outside a restaurant in downtown Denver.

I’m Stranded


578 // August 19, 2009 Monaco Parkway & Hampden Avenue. She looked distraught the whole time–head down, cardboard sign that said she was stranded.

557 // July 16, 2009 Long sign, when first entering the town of Leadville, CO. I love the uniqueness of the handpainted sign – original and and sets the tone of what sort of town this city is.

Two Doors


495 // April 20, 2009 Two doors – urban, downtown Denver.

Icehouse Lofts


483 // April 08. 2009 18th and Wynkoop – some beautiful and intriguing painting on the building I’ve admired from afar. Quick history about the lofts.



481 // April 06, 2009 Tonight I went on another Denver photo walk with some new friends, this time around the Millennium Bridge and Coors field area. I have so many photos that I really love to share with you, so I thought I’d get started with these. I arrived at the meeting spot a […]

On The Bench


476 // March 31, 2009 Dave asked me this morning, last night or maybe yesterday morning if I gave up on Cocktail Hour. Ouch. I’m so sorry – I have been so frustrated with the email subscription service that I stepped away every other day while it caught up. I’m trying to find out what […]

Happy Holidays


399 // December 24, 2008 Happy Holidays to all!

Mayan Theater


330 // September 28, 2008 Do you ever check for free screenings of movies before they come out? It takes a little digging around on the movie websites. So far I’ve been lucky enough to see Pineapple Express and then just this past week, Choke, before the movie was released on the big screen. Choke […]

323 // September 19, 2008 Part of Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan as seen from the Discovery Center Museum.

301 // August 27, 2008 Rode bikes downtown once more tonight — I think we must have been at the right place at the right time on Monday night, because tonight was even tamer than last night. Civic Center Park was completely closed off for tomorrow’s festivities and the 16th Street Mall had nothing but […]