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October Fire


585 // October 09, 2009 Sunset in Keystone tonight. Advertisements

573 // September 25, 2009 Passing by, this photo was taken from the car. At first I thought, “shoot, I have a bunch of bikes and power lines in the photo, instead of getting a beautiful shot of the flatirons and grass”. However, I think this photograph came our like a great little accident. In […]

White Symmetry


574 // August 11, 2009 House in old part of Breckenridge, CO.

566 // July 30, 2009 Colorado’s Keystone Resort as seen through a Holga lens up top Dercum Mountain.

567 // July 29, 2009 White hat with some of Keystone resort in the background.

Red on Blue


561 // July 22, 2009 This is up in Boulder, Colorado near the CU campus.



559 // July 19, 2009 Colorado sunrise, right off of Swan Mountain Road.

Huron Peak II


563 // July 13, 2009 The final part of the hike leaves me to share a couple more photos, this time from the summit. (This is Dave signing the register at the top of the mountain) Our drinks of choice – guess who drank what 😉 Looking out onto the horizon. Just a pure sea […]

530 // June 2, 2009 Not sure where this parachuter or the others came from, but can only suspect they have been in the air for a while. Boulder foothills in the distance, just around dusk.



519 // May 19, 2009 Red Rocks Amphitheater – near the upper entrance.



419 // January 16, 2009 Summit County, Colorado.

412 // January 06, 2008 Another view of Lake Dillon – this time the two mountains shown are Mt. Guyot (13,370′) to the left, and Bald Mountain (13,684′) on the right.

Sun and Peak 1


411 // January 05, 2009 A Colorado “12er” mountain on the far right sits at 12,801′ tall. The town of Frisco is at the base, while Lake Dillon is on the far left.

405 // December 30, 2008 More clouds today. Weather was same as yesterday and towards sunset the sky set up some amazing photo opportunities, including the moon that was peeking out around 4:30. Clouds of the more puffy type. Splatter of pink.