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501 // April 26, 2009 My camera “lens” – the teeny-tiny hole Today was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. What’s pinhole photography? Well, read more about it here and here to understand a little more. Negative pinhole photography print on paper I participated by attending a class presented by the non-profit Denver Darkroom downtown. We met […]

360 // November 03, 2008 Finished my HOWiezine pages tonight – I showed you the beginnings yesterday. Above is the front and the back, and I brought out the tiny pictures that accompany the page. Who doesn’t love tiny pictures? I’m pretty excited to see everyone’s submissions once the books are mailed out, I’ll try […]

359 // November 02, 2008 Can’t believe it’s November already. Who else enjoyed that extra hour of sleep this morning? I sure did. Caught up on sleep and did some light work before noon… then launched into a three-hour house cleaning event. Yeah, one of those. Tonight I focused on some creative outside work that […]