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Flat Stanley


642 // December 30, 2009 How many of you have made or have had a Flat Stanley visit before? This is actually our second, and we always have fun taking them up and down and around the Denver and the Rocky Mountain area. Because of all the snow and weather this season, he is wearing […]

640 // December 28, 2009 Building near Montview and Oneida in Denver.



637 // December 20, 2009 What the heck is this? The plant was found at the local University up the street.



582 // October 06, 2009 Cloth blowing in the wind.

Little Guy


572 // September 23, 2009 Fun subject to photograph when I was recently in Florida.

Doodle Swap #3


561 // September 07, 2009 Personal theme was “I love Colorado”… My final submissions for the Doodle Swap Project were created using colored pencil on recycled brown paper bags cut up into the small pieces. Doodle Swap on Flickr “Hike – Vertical” “Hike – Horizontal” “Mountain Canoe” “Mountain Lake” “Woods” “Sunset” “Moon” “Campfire”



589 // September 2, 2009 It’s been one year since my niece has been born, and how time does fly. I still can’t believe it, but watching her grow has been truly amazing from seeing her smile at me for the first time and recently she took her first two (and then four today!)  steps […]

588 // September 01, 2009 I’m participating in a 3rd round of a creative exercise called “Doodle Swap” – an organized swap of original, trading-card-sized art between artists, designers and illustrators. These tiny works of art are only 2.5″ x 3.5″. One original piece is created for each person in the group – thus, how […]



583 // August 25, 2009 Farmer’s Market in Breckenridge.

The Red Row


582 // August 24, 2009 Outside a restaurant in downtown Denver.

565 // July 27, 2009 A Denver photowalk event along Colfax avenue – these flowers are part of Chuck’s Wagon Diner A different shot of digital versus old school.

566 // July 15, 2009 Always have my eye out for some great texture shots – this was from the past weekend at an old abandoned mine. Designer friends – download the original size and have fun!

559 // July 08, 2009 This was actually a mistake photo – I meant to capture the silhouette with him looking directly at me – but he turned his head at the last minute. I was disappointed and wrote off the photo as a “meh…”. However, I decided to re-evaluate and revisit — and what […]



557 // July 06, 2009 I’m curious – which image do you prefer?