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594 // October 20, 2009 Down in the city, off of Colfax Ave and (close to) Broadway.

586 // October 10, 2009 Some photographs of the striking aspen trees on a walk today up in the mountains. Fall is pretty much over and I was glad to capture some of these gorgeous colors.

580 // August 21, 2009 Brand new cactus I have sitting in my office window, which faces west. The late afternoon sun comes in starting around 3ish – and today I looked up close to actually see the shadows of the window screen on the plant. I thought the lines and patterns were lovely.

Cubs in Denver


573 // August 10, 2009 Past four days with the Cubs in town was fun – this sign is flown on the rooftop of a downtown Denver bar, Lodos, famous for welcoming all the Cubs fans with cheap Old Style beer. Unfortunately we didn’t make out too well in the series. That’s all I have […]

540 // June 15, 2009 Sunset over Clearwater Beach.

Garden View


526 // May 29, 2009 Pretty flowers at my in-laws house 🙂

Flower Bed


522 // May 22, 2009 Pretty flowers off of Colfax Avenue at the foot of Davie’s Chuck Wagon Diner.

Gentle Winter


416 // January 13, 2009 There are so many pieces of this photo that I enjoy – the bird’s expression, the small chunk of snow, the texture of the overturned chair in the lower right… I had a hard time with the title, though. What do you think?

364 // November 07, 2008 I’ve left this Polaroid at my parent’s house for a few months, retrieved it and am finally posting it. One of my more favorite Polaroids I’ve taken.

355 // October 29, 2008 Objects picked up by my sister – corn… ….and corn husk.

Bridge To…


343 // October 14, 2008 Fall season in Colorado, west of the front range.

Box of Crayons


341 // October 09, 2008 Hope you don’t mind me showing off some more photos from the Kenosha Pass series. It’s fall, the colors are beautiful here in Colorado, so why not show them off? This photo was actually taken by my digital camera, but has been post-processed in Photoshop with some Auto-levels to bring […]

338 // October 06, 2008 The last part of my fall series from Kenosha Pass. Hope you caught one and two, I can’t decide which day is my favorite yet between all three. Perhaps this whole series is my favorite on Cocktail Hour. After yesterday‘s post about film coming out so much better than anything […]

337 // October 05, 2008 Continued photographs from yesterday’s post. I’m posting four today instead of my max of three, hope you enjoy. Walking around… sometimes the marks on trees reminds me of looking at the clouds that form shapes and pictures. This one reminds me of a dog’s head, can’t decipher the rest. What […]