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637 // December 20, 2009 The weather has been unseasonably warm down here in Denver. Which, I don’t mind at all. Keep all the snow in the mountains… (well, unfortunately, that hasn’t been happening, either). I took Mr. Cub on a walk today around the neighborhood, this squirrel followed us for about a solid two […]

Orange Moss


562 // July 23, 2009 Colorful and unusual finds at altitude in Colorado.

Happy Balloons


531 // June 03, 2009 Not particularly for any individual… or maybe each one of you when the day rolls your way – Happy Birthday. I love this simple photo for so many reasons.

500 // April 25, 2009 Millennium Bridge in downtown Denver.



472 // March 24, 2009 This is another photograph from the Denver Photoshoot. I was looking for a photograph that I could show you tonight that was a little bit different than what I usually represent – I don’t have a lot of architecture and these kinds of lines. The title is another story. I […]



388 // December 11, 2008 Beautiful Denver day – brisk enough to wear a coat, but just warm enough to take the puppy on a long walk.

382 // December 04, 2008 Ahh… a little more winter-like today. While I stayed in my warm basement and worked, unlucky schmoes commuted to work in the cold and snow 🙂 I kid, I kid. This was taken from one of the basement windows looking out — some snowflakes actually on the window. Stay warm! […]



362 // November 05, 2008 Another beautiful image in my neighborhood. By the way, Happy Birthday mom — hope you’re having a fun time in Florida!

274 // July 28, 2008 Tiny butterflies on the trail in Colorado. Close-up of the tiny ones.

234 // June 18, 2008 Patterns, lines, light and shadow.

Bulbs on Colfax


171 // April 08, 2008 Light bulbs strung on the side of Colfax Avenue.

Straight Up


158 // March 26, 2008 The airplanes that seem to fly straight up into the air (you know, like rockets) get me thinking about how vast the planet we are on is. The plane is going straight up, but you know it is just heading across the country — the roundness of the earth, physics, […]