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628 // December 06, 2009 Zhong Biao, Mirage, 2009, at the Denver Art Museum. (C) the artist. Saturday I went to the Denver Art Museum with my sister-in-law and her friend; we ended up spending five hours there! It is much, much larger than I thought it was and must go back sometime soon. This […]

594 // October 20, 2009 Down in the city, off of Colfax Ave and (close to) Broadway.

Cubs in Denver


573 // August 10, 2009 Past four days with the Cubs in town was fun – this sign is flown on the rooftop of a downtown Denver bar, Lodos, famous for welcoming all the Cubs fans with cheap Old Style beer. Unfortunately we didn’t make out too well in the series. That’s all I have […]

Free CDs


547 // June 23, 2009 Street artist collateral.

513 // May 11, 2009 Union Station tracks.

506 // May 01, 2009 Texture heaven for a graphic artist – three different sets (lettering/typography; metal shed; exposed brick). Downtown Denver, right off of 20th..This is part of a very old fire station.

505 // April 30, 2009 Denver – wish I remembered which building this was. It’s right by Coors Field…

500 // April 25, 2009 Millennium Bridge in downtown Denver.

Love Heals


498 // April 23, 2009 “The Power of Love is Hard to Ignore”… signs in  downtown Denver. Visit for  more information.

Moon Peeking


497 // April 22, 2009 Downtown Denver condos.



496 // April 21, 2009 Concrete statue by Zhang Huan. Millenium Bridge, downtown Denver. Best info I can find on this work of art is on page two of this PDF document.

Two Doors


495 // April 20, 2009 Two doors – urban, downtown Denver.

Urban Panoramic


493 // April 18, 2009 Around Coors Field – three photos stitched together with Photoshop. I encourage you to view the original size for  the fullest effect.