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480 // April 06, 2009 Gaper Day / Thrift Store Ski Party at A-Basin 2009. Don’t know what “Gaper Day” is? See 2008’s “Gaper Day Part I” (most popular post on Cocktail Hour) and “Gaper Day Part II” (third most popular post) for some answers! Advertisements



447 // February 19, 2009 Brewing water for some tea.



394 // December 17, 2008 It was way too cold to be drinking club soda on a day like today – I feel as though it’s one of those exclusive summer drinks. However, I had some in the fridge so I cracked a bottle sometime in the afternoon after a hot cocoa. Almost immediately the […]

161 // March 29, 2008 Keystone’s “Blues and BBQ Festival” was today — among the live music, great people watching and the aroma of BBQ filling the air, BREWS was not far nor forgotten from the equation. Overpriced food didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the warm sun and the live music on stage. There was […]