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573 // September 25, 2009 Passing by, this photo was taken from the car. At first I thought, “shoot, I have a bunch of bikes and power lines in the photo, instead of getting a beautiful shot of the flatirons and grass”. However, I think this photograph came our like a great little accident. In […]

I’m Stranded


578 // August 19, 2009 Monaco Parkway & Hampden Avenue. She looked distraught the whole time–head down, cardboard sign that said she was stranded.



452 // March 01, 2009 Did a lot of much-needed unplugging this weekend from the computer. My college roommate and her fiance came in to visit, and we did a lot of exploring around Boulder, Denver and a short trip up near Breckenridge for some snowshoeing. I’ll make up for the lack of posts with […]



444 // February 16, 2009 Everything comes in threes from the Trinity United Methodist Church in Denver. I particularly liked the typography on the building, so I shot this photo while sitting at the stoplight.

Morning Winter


383 // December 05, 2008 Driving to work in the morning. Best time for the light and shadows to be just right..

No War


358 // November 01, 2008 17th Street in downtown Denver.



332 // September 29. 2008 Clothing and shoes donation containers in Denver.

319 // September 15, 2008 Yesterday I shared two Polaroids from the trip out to Chicago; these are from the way back. I have always loved the Colorado Welcome sign — so vintage, so welcoming, so unique. Don’t you think? Statue  at the Colorado Visitor’s Center. So far I’ve been to the Julesburg and the […]

318 // September 14, 2008 If you didn’t guess or I didn’t mention, I’ve been in Chicago for the past week visiting my new niece, seeing lots of old friends, hanging out on a boat, went to a wedding at a beautiful villa and spent every other moment with our families. It’s a bit exhausting, […]

312 // September 07, 2008 A little piece of the sun crossing over the midwest.

282 // August 06, 2008 Around 7pm Sunday night driving from the Denver Airport.

245 // June 29, 2008 First, I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and emails about the unfortunate condition from Friday. We are in the clear and have been un-contagious — so much that our friends that were visiting came down to spend Saturday night with us. Anyway, we ended up going to […]

239 // June 23, 2008 Also taken in Denver’s Art District from Saturday. Does this building look familiar? It should — I posted it back in January, but with my digital camera. (I also took a couple pictures with my Alpa Reflex, but haven’t finished the roll yet… excited to see the results sometime this […]

Your Choice


179 // April 16, 2008 Ah, too funny of a picture to pass up — even when driving on the highway. Seriously, how cool is your boss to have a sense of humor like that? Camera was all the way in the trunk and I deemed a pretty dangerous situation if I were to get […]