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619 // November 23, 2009 Estes Park, Colorado.

593 // October 19, 2009 My post yesterday indicated we stayed in Estes Park on Saturday night at the Stanley Hotel. The next day, I took so many pictures, and have been excited to share them with you – mostly of downtown Estes and some unusual shots. I happened to take some of the Historic […]

592 // October 18, 2009 We stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park on Saturday night for a wedding we attended. Even given a 4th floor room (the floor with the most paranormal activity), we didn’t come across anything but had a great time not only at the event, but exploring the hotel’s beauty […]

487 // April 12, 2009 I was looking through some old photos and came across this one – if I remember correctly, it was taken back in 2005 up in Estes Park. Has some beautiful color and shadows so I wanted to share this with you.