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Faded II


636 // December 17, 2009 Part I

Central City


192 // May 03, 2008 I told you yesterday we were in Central City, so here are some pictures. Walked around the street a little bit while the boys were finishing up poker and blackjack… I love the old buildings and the faded paintings — so much history here.

113 // February 09, 2008 Near Petco Park in San Diego, California. “The artwork consists of 18 nine-foot-high cast iron headless figures arranged in two rows. Artist Magdalena Abakanowicz said the headless figures derive from the social turmoil she has experienced, as well as the nature of humans as they travel in groups. The 18 […]

It’s… Green


021 // November 6, 2007 Do Not Enter sign found guarding a gas station entrance around 1pm.