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Bear Spotted


600 // October 28, 2009 Rather, my hugely-pawed-bear-like puppy. If you didn’t hear, “The Big Snowstorm” was topic on all news channels here in Denver. Nonetheless, it wasn’t bitterly cold — just very heavy, wet snow. Staying away from driving the car anywhere, I’ve been working from home with Cubbie since Tuesday. He really lightens […]



527 // May 30, 2009 Fence up in Evergreen.

507 // May 03, 2009 Since my pinhole class last weekend I made some more, smaller pinhole cameras. This morning I took them out to my backyard to shoot before we met up for a little bit again – this was the guy who got me the best result. The negative to this print was […]

487 // April 12, 2009 I was looking through some old photos and came across this one – if I remember correctly, it was taken back in 2005 up in Estes Park. Has some beautiful color and shadows so I wanted to share this with you.

Locked Up


486 // April 11, 2009 Downtown Denver.



369 // November 14, 2008 Finally snowed early this morning here in Denver. Still isn’t the snappy cold, but a reminder that the ski and holiday season isn’t far off at all. Can’t believe it, where did the summer go? Did we have one? Meh, in any case it give us the chance to fire […]

345 // October 16, 2008 Swear this isn’t our lawn or anything… just some overgrown grass by a fence a couple blocks over. I love the lighting and green, so I couldn’t pass this up!

344 // October 15, 008 Was backing up all my recent photos on my external hard drive the other night and I found this picture. I feel like we didn’t get a chance to get to travel and do a lot of our “Colorado” adventures this summer… at least compared to what we’ve done in […]

306 // September 01, 2008 Union Station, Denver.

Side Smooch


257 // July 10, 2008 Faces in places fun.

On the Fence


202 // May 13, 2008 Greenery poking through our fence and the neighbor’s fence. Viva spring!

Lazy Day


178 // April 15, 2008 What a beautiful day it was in Denver today! I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, have all the windows open in the house sans any distractions. Being zoned out in work (as usual), I finally glanced up to look out of the window about mid-afternoon. […]

One Last…


173 // April 10, 2008 One last snow. Each year since I’ve lived in Denver, the city has always had “one last hurrah” of snowfall in the spring — when it’s least expected — before it’s finally gone for good and the sun is here to stay. Fingers crossed that today was that day.



132 // February 28, 2008 Downtown Chicago — these seem completely random from what I can tell…