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585 // August 27, 2009 These are half of the dozen gold-and-red-tipped roses that my thoughtful husband surprised me with today… It’s my golden birthday – I turned 27 today on the 27th. I’ve thought about this as a child – I mean, being in your 20s alone was so old and yet here I […]

Tiny White


563 // July 24, 2009 Tiny, white flowers on a rock. Taken near Mt. Huron.

Red Tips


564 // July 14, 2009 These pretty wildflowers were growing around a mountainside creek.

White Observer


558 // July 07, 2009 Mountain goat on Mt. Quandary. He tried to get kind of close to us on our descent down the mountain — we think it was because of the pups and unfortunately, some people do feed them. In either case, he quickly lost interest and we continued on our way.

499 // April 24, 2009 Haha – I know – “But where are the rainbows and unicorns?” Just love seeing flowers and having warm weather… makes for a great mood, don’t you think?

Two Years


308 // September 03, 2008 Two years ago, the day was ours alone. Thank you for continuing to bring the world to me, being my companion and my best friend in the whole world. I love you so much. (Photo taken by Jenna Walker Photography)

Wynkoop Scene


292 // August 17, 2008 Wynkoop Brewing — Denver’s first brew pub. I had taken a vertical picture of this scene that involved this photo as well as this one — but the overall picture didn’t seem very connected. There was just so many different things going on in the top vs. the bottom… can […]

287 // August 11, 2008 Bronze statues of children in Writer’s Square, downtown Denver.

281 // August 05, 2008 Seen through a Polaroid lens at my parent’s house back in Chicago.

268 // July 22, 2008 A patch of yellow flowers hanging out in the middle of the woods. Close up capture of an insignificant pinecone.



267 // July 21, 2008 Colorado’s state flower, the Columbine. Don’t you think they are one of the most beautiful state flowers there are? Pink & Yellow.

More Film Fun


265 // July 20, 2008 Continued photographs from yesterday’s post. This is in Keystone of a still part of Snake River. Shallow depth-of-field shot of flowers in front of Gray’s Peak and Torrey’s Peak. Telephoto shot of mountains in the basin of the area we were hiking in on last Sunday.

264 // July 19, 2008 In our digital age with fancy digital cameras, it’s easy to forget about film. I brought one of my 35mm cameras with a ton of lenses up to the mountains this past weekend. I took three years of photography in High School and a studio class in college, but getting […]

251 // July 04, 2008 Exploring off of Loveland Pass today on the Continental Divide. There were a lot of people taking the alternate route off I-70 to head up to the mountains, but instead of going up the trail with the crowds, we went down. It was lovely.