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A Secret.


211 // May 23, 2008 OK. It’s springtime, so forgive me if I have been posting all the pretty flowers and plants a lot. Like here, here and here… oh, and here. There are many more, and they are so delightful, but I’ll move on. With all these pretty flowers in the backyard I’ve shown […]

The Light


206 // May 18, 2008 Sunlight shows through a crack onto a building made of adobe in Golden, Colorado.

200 // May 11, 2008 Mothers are beautiful and they are the thriving force behind all of us. I’m so lucky to have the best mom in the world and the greatest mother-in-law a gal could ask for. Today I connected via webcam to my mom and the rest of my family back home to […]

188 // April 29, 2008 Noticed the neighbor’s tree that hangs over into our yard started blooming a beautiful pink. Pinecone from the other neighbor’s tree fell into our yard…

Tiny Green


187 // April 28, 2008 I’d say spring is well underway… I love the green leafy patterns and tiny circles in this photo.

186 // April 27, 2008 Last day in Ohio today, and it was a great weekend filled with family. We walked briefly around uptown Oxford — right around the University of Miami campus — and got some drinks from the local coffee shop and sat outside.

167 // April 05, 2008 Ahhh… Spring is here, the weather is warm and it is certainly noticeable. If you didn’t notice my absent post yesterday, then this is my confession — and I’m double-posting today to make up for it. Budding tree on the Johnson & Wales University campus down the street from the […]

What Is That


117 // February 13, 2008 — “What Is That?” Photo manipulation — can you guess the still life? Take a peek here.

101 // January 28, 2007 We had some friends stay with us back in December, and they thoughtfully sent over some flowers as a thank you! They are beautiful and still very much alive 🙂 Here is a close up of them in black and white.

Eye Level


086 // January 13, 2008 Taken on this same hike.