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Happy Holidays


639 // December 27, 2009 Hello! Took an unexpected break from the blog, and I am here to welcome you back on this Monday morning. Hope you had a wonderful holiday break, as did I (didn’t go near a computer for almost five days!). Now, I’m ready to get back down to business as well […]

Rearview Mirror


579 // October 01, 2009 Sister in the driver’s seat.

564 // July 26, 2009 These images were taken with my Holga camera – the first roll I’ve ever done. Since receiving the two rolls of 120 film back, I’ve learned that I need to keep a distance of at least 5 feet from my subject for a clear picture. Can’t wait to show you […]

Dew on White


553 // July 02, 2009 Some drops of moisture in my brother-in-law’s garden.

Garden View


526 // May 29, 2009 Pretty flowers at my in-laws house 🙂

Tree Trash


488 // April 13, 2009 Streamers caught in spring branches.



463 // March 13, 2009 Woah. There are some flowers blooming in the grass at Johnson & Wales – I naturally bent down to take a couple of macro shots. I kid you not, I had no idea that this image turned out so artisticly (like a painting) until I saw it on the computer. […]



451 // February 25, 2009 Dried up plant – can’t tell you what – passing by on our walk.

449 // February 23, 2009 I am unsure of what sort of plant this is – my best guess would be a (sloe?) berry bush that has dried up in the winter.

Beautiful Baby


314 // September 10, 2008 Drove 1,000 miles to surprise my sister and meet my new niece, Riley Aspen, this week. Really, there are no other words to describe her except so precious and a beautiful gift of life. Happened to bring back three cameras aside from my digital; I took three rolls of film […]

Guitar Player


157 // March 25, 2008 One of my favorite people to photograph is my dad — especially when I catch him playing the guitar. I invite you to view the large version of this photograph to see all the detail…

081 // January 08, 2008 More still life around the house — this particular cactus plant has survived about two summers, thus being one of the only plant species I can keep alive with my “black thumb”! The curvature it has taken is peculiar turn (haha), and makes for interesting viewing in the kitchen. Incidentally […]