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598 // October 26, 2009 Cute litltle pumpkin-wumpkins… …and some that are a little bit different. Anyone know how or why they might grow like this?

594 // October 20, 2009 Down in the city, off of Colfax Ave and (close to) Broadway.

The Alders


590 // October 14, 2009 On a walk off of Montezuma Road in Keystone – a new single family home neighborhoods close to River Run.

584 // October 08, 2009 Against a building.

563 // September 09, 2009 On a hike up near Red Rocks in Morrison.

587 // August 31, 2009 Pretty close, wouldn’t you say?

I’m Stranded


578 // August 19, 2009 Monaco Parkway & Hampden Avenue. She looked distraught the whole time–head down, cardboard sign that said she was stranded.

Huron Peak I


562 // July 12, 2009 To continue on the story of our hike, we started our Friday night camping out near the trailhead of Huron Peak. Dave found a camping spot by the Banker Mine (near 10,500ft). Early that next morning, we packed up and headed up. View of Huron Peak from below the summit. […]

Mt. Quandary


556 // July 05, 2009 Mt. Quandary stands at 14, 265 as the unquestioned monarch of Summit County. It can be seen quite clearly from CO9 in between Hoosier Pass and Breckenridge, in addition from the top of Dercum Mountain in Keystone while skiing. In the typical early-to-mid summre Colorado weather that can’t make up […]

552 // July 1, 2009 Apologies for the absence yesterday – we had a power outage at the house, which didn’t come back on until 3am. This was taken looking East on a bike route in Keystone, Colorado. route in Keystone, Colorado.



551 // June 29, 2009 Aside the bike path this past weekend.

Dancing Trees


347 // October 20, 2008 Near Stapleton/Northfield in Denver, Colorado.

345 // October 16, 2008 Swear this isn’t our lawn or anything… just some overgrown grass by a fence a couple blocks over. I love the lighting and green, so I couldn’t pass this up!



332 // September 29. 2008 Clothing and shoes donation containers in Denver.