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Ski Rental


641 // December 29, 2009 Supposed to be powder days from today until after the new year… hope you have your gear! Advertisements

Inside Union


482 // April 07. 2009 Inside Union Station in Denver – photos post-processed for black and white.

Nose and Hair


392 // December 15, 2008 Some more test shots, this time with a Sigma Aspherical Macro lens. This macro isn’t even at 100%, but I thought it was the closest I wanted to get without losing some interesting features. Cubbie’s incredibly interesting nose, right? Inspecting Cubbie for any split ends 🙂

121 // February 17, 2008 I was moping a little today complaining that the weather is still too cold, I’m sick of the snow, and it’s awfully gray outside. This combo does not ever seem to result in fantastic pictures and certainly doesn’t throw a huge grin on my face. My better half had some […]