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614 // November 17, 2009 Up near Estes Park, Colorado.

Purple Shoes


612 // November 15, 2009 Unlaced in Denver.

Red Tips


564 // July 14, 2009 These pretty wildflowers were growing around a mountainside creek.



551 // June 29, 2009 Aside the bike path this past weekend.

509 // May 5, 2009 With my new pinhole photography experimentation lately, I’ve seen some ways you can alter the body cap for a DSLR into a pinhole lens. Extra body cap? Check. I followed these directions and shot a few. The pictures came out decent enough – both these were taken at a 30 […]

499 // April 24, 2009 Haha – I know – “But where are the rainbows and unicorns?” Just love seeing flowers and having warm weather… makes for a great mood, don’t you think?



463 // March 13, 2009 Woah. There are some flowers blooming in the grass at Johnson & Wales – I naturally bent down to take a couple of macro shots. I kid you not, I had no idea that this image turned out so artisticly (like a painting) until I saw it on the computer. […]



451 // February 25, 2009 Dried up plant – can’t tell you what – passing by on our walk.

Macro Pine Cone


425 // January 22, 2009 Pine cone still hanging around in January. Taken with a super-macro lens.

382 // December 04, 2008 Ahh… a little more winter-like today. While I stayed in my warm basement and worked, unlucky schmoes commuted to work in the cold and snow 🙂 I kid, I kid. This was taken from one of the basement windows looking out — some snowflakes actually on the window. Stay warm! […]

334 // October 01, 2008 This was a very cute scene while at a stoplight on 17th and Colorado Blvd. I really love the photo’s intention, but after uploading it to the computer I feel as thought there are too many textures and fine details to bring out the birdies. If you’re a photographer (amateur […]

Summer Over?


328 // September 24, 2008 Not here. Even though the official first day of Fall was on Monday, it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in Denver. While still in the mid-80s the rest of the week, the leaves are starting to change colors! Can’t believe summer is over already, seemed like it just began. […]

274 // July 28, 2008 Tiny butterflies on the trail in Colorado. Close-up of the tiny ones.



250 // July 03, 2008 Have a fun and safe 4th of July and holiday weekend! Sunset over the Yampa River in Colorado