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558 // July 18, 2009 If you have ever crossed the path of a bug and yours truly at the same time, you’d know that I hate ’em. I jump, scream – act like an unnecessary spaz. I can’t help it! The critters freak me out. Except when they are docile and not moving. This […]

Nose and Hair


392 // December 15, 2008 Some more test shots, this time with a Sigma Aspherical Macro lens. This macro isn’t even at 100%, but I thought it was the closest I wanted to get without losing some interesting features. Cubbie’s incredibly interesting nose, right? Inspecting Cubbie for any split ends 🙂

Pumpkin Farm I


352 // October 26, 2008 I’m naming this part one because although I was able to take a lot of nice pictures with my digital camera, I know that there are a lot more waiting to be shared on my undeveloped roll of film as well. Today, we went to a pumpkin farm near Boulder […]