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576 // August 17, 2009 I’ve shown you photos that I’ve taken with my Holga, but have I ever shown you what it looks like? It’s a little toy camera made out of plastic, and the kicker/fun part of it is that there are certain to be light leaks, exposing the negative film inside and […]

567 // July 29, 2009 White hat with some of Keystone resort in the background.



445 // February 17, 2009 Don’t have many of these – this is the only other one I can think of that I’ve shared with you. What I didn’t notice until now is how I’m actually reflected twice – I’m liking it even more now because of the depth involved!

234 // June 18, 2008 Patterns, lines, light and shadow.

Old Man


108 // February 04, 2008 Post-production work on a photograph taken by Lake Dillon in Colorado.