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635 // December 16, 2009 Driving on I-70. Advertisements

603 // November 02, 2009 Alright, enough pumpkin pictures already. This was taken mid-October driving down I-25 – this is a shot of Longs Peak with some road dirt. Love being the passenger all the time so I can get shots like this.

573 // September 25, 2009 Passing by, this photo was taken from the car. At first I thought, “shoot, I have a bunch of bikes and power lines in the photo, instead of getting a beautiful shot of the flatirons and grass”. However, I think this photograph came our like a great little accident. In […]

Puzzle Piece


489 // April 14, 2009 High above 20th Avenue in Denver, near the highway.



452 // March 01, 2009 Did a lot of much-needed unplugging this weekend from the computer. My college roommate and her fiance came in to visit, and we did a lot of exploring around Boulder, Denver and a short trip up near Breckenridge for some snowshoeing. I’ll make up for the lack of posts with […]



270 // July 24, 2008 Trailer hitch off of I-70. Post-production work on the color. Untitled meerly because I couldn’t come up with anything I liked. Any ideas?



159 // March 27, 2008 Bus merging onto the highway. No, I wasn’t driving — was in the passenger’s seat 😛

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077 // January 04, 2008 Alongside Hampden and I-25, with the front range and golden grass to accompany it.