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631 // December 09, 2009 Today is the last continuation of my posts on the Denver Art Museum’s Western Art. I just want to share some final favorites. This photograph was part of the Historic Western American Art section of DAM. Right now, we are looking at stereo photographs (double prints you see on the […]



619 // November 23, 2009 Estes Park, Colorado.

593 // October 19, 2009 My post yesterday indicated we stayed in Estes Park on Saturday night at the Stanley Hotel. The next day, I took so many pictures, and have been excited to share them with you – mostly of downtown Estes and some unusual shots. I happened to take some of the Historic […]

592 // October 18, 2009 We stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park on Saturday night for a wedding we attended. Even given a 4th floor room (the floor with the most paranormal activity), we didn’t come across anything but had a great time not only at the event, but exploring the hotel’s beauty […]



519 // May 19, 2009 Red Rocks Amphitheater – near the upper entrance.

Three Gates


448 // February 22, 2009 City Park in Denver –  part of a 7.5 mile walk we did today with our dog.



444 // February 16, 2009 Everything comes in threes from the Trinity United Methodist Church in Denver. I particularly liked the typography on the building, so I shot this photo while sitting at the stoplight.

374 // November 23, 2008 …I’d abandoned you, right? No, how could all three of my readers think such a thing 🙂 Actually I’ve been really busy with late nights, work and play. Wednesday I was able to trot downtown to a trade show my company was taking part in. I was able to see […]

Did My Duty…


254 // July 07, 2008 Went in to serve my Jury Duty for the first time ever this morning. Didn’t know what to expect, honestly, but I love visiting downtown Denver. I feel safe strolling along by myself and was hoping to grab a few great pictures on the walk to and from the courthouse […]

239 // June 23, 2008 Also taken in Denver’s Art District from Saturday. Does this building look familiar? It should — I posted it back in January, but with my digital camera. (I also took a couple pictures with my Alpa Reflex, but haven’t finished the roll yet… excited to see the results sometime this […]

229 // June 13, 2008 Reflection of Rosenstock Place in downtown Denver across the way. Rosenstock has a very old feel to it, which is really cool — downtown urban but yet still keeps it’s “1918 grandeur and splendor“. Haven’t found a whole lot of history online about the building other than that, which is […]

The Light


206 // May 18, 2008 Sunlight shows through a crack onto a building made of adobe in Golden, Colorado.

Central City


192 // May 03, 2008 I told you yesterday we were in Central City, so here are some pictures. Walked around the street a little bit while the boys were finishing up poker and blackjack… I love the old buildings and the faded paintings — so much history here.

165 // April 02, 2008 Outside a friend’s building in downtown Denver.