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Framed Cameras


618 // November 22, 2009 Framed Cine-Kodak Eight Model 20 (1932 – movie camera) I will apologize in advance, as some (maybe most of my frequent) readers have already seen these photos. Been off my feet for a week now, sick, so I have been running really low on recent photos and the reserve bank. […]

615 // November 18, 2009 The most recent addition to my collection of vintage cameras is owed to a long-time partner/colleague of the company I work for. Lori Feldman has come to know me on more personal level via Twitter — at least enough to know that I am an avid collector of these antique […]

218 // May 31, 2008 Ok. I spent a few hours today finishing up documenting all the vintage cameras I recently acquired (I posted two yesterday)– and found two (or was it three?) more cameras hidden in the boxes. They are pretty exciting, but I need to show you this. It’s a 1932 handheld movie […]