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630 // December 08, 2009 A continuation of yesterday’s post on my adoration for the American Western Art section at the Denver Art Museum. The pieces above are a series done by Tony Foster, watercolors that he painted while rafting down the Colorado river. What I really loved about these are not only the paintings […]



623 // November 30, 2009 At the top of the trailhead of Mayflower Gulch, my two boys are dwarfed by the mountains behind them.

603 // November 02, 2009 Alright, enough pumpkin pictures already. This was taken mid-October driving down I-25 – this is a shot of Longs Peak with some road dirt. Love being the passenger all the time so I can get shots like this.

Mt. Quandary


556 // July 05, 2009 Mt. Quandary stands at 14, 265 as the unquestioned monarch of Summit County. It can be seen quite clearly from CO9 in between Hoosier Pass and Breckenridge, in addition from the top of Dercum Mountain in Keystone while skiing. In the typical early-to-mid summre Colorado weather that can’t make up […]

Sunset Band


555 // July 04, 2009 Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. This is a view from atop Keystone’s Dercum Mountain, looking just right of Lake Dillon around Sunset.

552 // July 1, 2009 Apologies for the absence yesterday – we had a power outage at the house, which didn’t come back on until 3am. This was taken looking East on a bike route in Keystone, Colorado. route in Keystone, Colorado.

Urban Panoramic


493 // April 18, 2009 Around Coors Field – three photos stitched together with Photoshop. I encourage you to view the original size forย  the fullest effect.

Dancing Trees


347 // October 20, 2008 Near Stapleton/Northfield in Denver, Colorado.

344 // October 15, 008 Was backing up all my recent photos on my external hard drive the other night and I found this picture. I feel like we didn’t get a chance to get to travel and do a lot of our “Colorado” adventures this summer… at least compared to what we’ve done in […]

Finished Canvas


296 // August 21, 2008 All finished and very pleased with how it came out. It was my intention to make it less dimensional (a little flatter) because hey, this board will get abused by the bags anyway, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Original sketch. View the entire series here.

More Film Fun


265 // July 20, 2008 Continued photographs from yesterday’s post. This is in Keystone of a still part of Snake River. Shallow depth-of-field shot of flowers in front of Gray’s Peak and Torrey’s Peak. Telephoto shot of mountains in the basin of the area we were hiking in on last Sunday.

262 // July 17, 2008 Mountain Water (Rush) We went for a great hike on Sunday — about 6 miles roundtrip and a 1500ft elevation gain. Started in between Keystone and the town of Montezuma and hiked into Chihuahua Gulch. Actually you can read a little more here. Mountain Water (Calm) The views were so […]

261 // July 16, 2008 Back to some more pictures from the camping last Friday, thanks for being patient ๐Ÿ™‚ By the time we packed up camp and were ready to shoot up to the summit of Guanella Pass (we were only 2 miles away), it was about 9ish. There were a ton of cars […]

Friday Camp


259 // July 12, 2008 Friday night the three of us decided to get out of the Denver heat and go camping in the mountains for some cool, fresh air. My personal Travel Agent drove us through Georgetown and up Guanella Pass to pick out a spot on the side of the road. None of […]