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586 // October 10, 2009 Some photographs of the striking aspen trees on a walk today up in the mountains. Fall is pretty much over and I was glad to capture some of these gorgeous colors.



562 // September 08, 2009 Spotted this guy on a trail up near Red Rocks in Morrison over the weekend — I just loved the facial expression. …And he pretended not to see me. Pssht.



585 // August 27, 2009 These are half of the dozen gold-and-red-tipped roses that my thoughtful husband surprised me with today… It’s my golden birthday – I turned 27 today on the 27th. I’ve thought about this as a child – I mean, being in your 20s alone was so old and yet here I […]

580 // August 21, 2009 Brand new cactus I have sitting in my office window, which faces west. The late afternoon sun comes in starting around 3ish – and today I looked up close to actually see the shadows of the window screen on the plant. I thought the lines and patterns were lovely.

579 // August 20, 2009 Summertime in Denver.

Red Tips


564 // July 14, 2009 These pretty wildflowers were growing around a mountainside creek.

540 // June 15, 2009 Sunset over Clearwater Beach.

Green Door


536 // June 10, 2009 Hidden along a street in The Highlands neighborhood in Denver.

494 // April 19, 2009 Denver received some heavy, slushy snow this weekend. Finally today it was sunny and high-50’s – these tulips kept strong and show promise that spring is finally here.

Locked Up


486 // April 11, 2009 Downtown Denver.

Blue and Gold


418 // January 15, 2009 Park Hill neighborhood in Denver.

Bridge To…


343 // October 14, 2008 Fall season in Colorado, west of the front range.

342 // October 13, 2008 Why, hello! Hope you had a great weekend. I sort of… took the weekend off. I wasn’t lazy, as I did do both work on the computer and around the house; however I did give myself the weekend off from Cocktail Hour. But I missed you! I’ve gotten so many […]

Berthoud Fall


335 // October 03, 2008 I was slightly jealoud of Dave’s day off today; he got to sleep in, spend the day with Cubbie and walk amonst the beautiful fall season in the mountains. This was one of the amazing photos he took while walking around Berthoud Pass. If we’re all so lucky, the weather […]