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627 // December 03, 2009 Out and about, ready to drop down the mountain at any moment. Advertisements



570 // August 05, 2009 Caught this passing by in the town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Red on Blue


561 // July 22, 2009 This is up in Boulder, Colorado near the CU campus.



542 // June 17, 2009 This totally reminds me of those “inspirational” photos – either the serious or the funny ones. Wish I could think of a really “ZING!” caption…

City Park Path


450 // February 24, 2009 Can’t decide between color or black and white – I think each printed very large and framed appropriately would look exceptional. Your opinion? Taken in City Park, Denver.



389 // December 12, 2008 Park Hill in Denver.

302 // August 28, 2008 Yesterday I said that I’d be taking you up the street to Johnson & Wales — I did you one better. I’m taking you downtown for the last day of the DNC. LIterally, I just couldn’t stay away, it’s addicting. I ended up venturing alone down to the spots that […]

205 // May 17, 2008 17th Street in Denver — didn’t even notice the white line until viewing on the computer. Notice anything odd?