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Doodle Swap #3


561 // September 07, 2009 Personal theme was “I love Colorado”… My final submissions for the Doodle Swap Project were created using colored pencil on recycled brown paper bags cut up into the small pieces. Doodle Swap on Flickr “Hike – Vertical” “Hike – Horizontal” “Mountain Canoe” “Mountain Lake” “Woods” “Sunset” “Moon” “Campfire”

Bad Moon Rising


560 // July 09, 2009 Moon rising over the mountains – amazing how big it looks at just around 7ish.

500 // April 25, 2009 Millennium Bridge in downtown Denver.

Moon Peeking


497 // April 22, 2009 Downtown Denver condos.

Happy New Year


406 // December 31, 2008 Thank you so much for another wonderful year. I’ve had a great time sharing my photos with you and can’t wait to see what I can bring to you in the next year. Hope you find many positive things to reflect on in 2008… …and find lots of new ones […]

405 // December 30, 2008 More clouds today. Weather was same as yesterday and towards sunset the sky set up some amazing photo opportunities, including the moon that was peeking out around 4:30. Clouds of the more puffy type. Splatter of pink.

Refreshing Blue


227 // June 10, 2008 The past couple of days I’ve noticed that the moon has been visible for most all the the day. Looking up into the sky, that stretch of clouds led me to Earth’s only natural satellite. I’ve posted birds on a wire before, but I just get to wondering what the […]

Full Moon Fever


209 // May 21, 2008 Moon rising over Coors Field made for a fantastic photograph tonight. Now, who knows the album with the same title as this post? 🙂

California Moon


136 // March 03,2008 Another picture gem from San Diego — moonrise above the silhouetted palm trees.

124 // February 20, 2008 A break in the Colorado clouds finally allowed me to view the lunar eclipse tonight at about 8:20PM. Special appearances were made by Saturn (tiny white pixel to the bottom left of the moon) and Regulus (tiny pixel above and ever-so-slightly to the left of the moon). View the large […]

Reaching Out


122 // February 18, 2008 Bare tree branches reach out to grab the moon at dusk in front of the house.

Palm Tree Moon


068 // December 22, 2007 Palm trees try and hide the moon…

066 // December 21, 2007 On our way from Denver to Tampa, our guest photographer (my husband) snapped this photo while sitting in my window seat 🙂

057 // December 12, 2007 Maggiano’s displays holiday lights for Day 3 of my series — the moon wanted to make an appearance, too.