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572 // August 09, 2009 Very loud hail tonight in Denver. What a phenomenon – I know technically how hail works and arrives down here, but it was in the mid-80s-if-not-90s here during the day. Only lasted at most for 10 minutes, but here is an image of the hail on the front porch. Advertisements

554 // July 03, 2009 Shot some photos in passing of some sprinklers. I love how white and charismatic these seemingly-simple drops of water actually are. Hope you’re staying cool enough this weekend!

540 // June 15, 2009 Sunset over Clearwater Beach.



441 // February 13, 2009 Taken in December around Silverthorne. I’m still trying to decide on the quality of the photo – I like the composition, but am afraid there are too many extreme lights and darks. Any input?

Brown Movement


351 // October 24, 2008 Sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised when “accident” pictures come out in a neat, artistic way.



329 // September 25, 2008 I took these shots of Cubbie while attempting to teach him how to catch a Frisbee in his mouth. He’s getting the hang of it — but it keeps bonking him in the nose or going over his body. He makes the effort of jumping, but hasn’t mouthed it quite […]

304 // August 30, 2008 Bagpiper at the 16th Street Mall.

274 // July 28, 2008 Tiny butterflies on the trail in Colorado. Close-up of the tiny ones.

264 // July 19, 2008 In our digital age with fancy digital cameras, it’s easy to forget about film. I brought one of my 35mm cameras with a ton of lenses up to the mountains this past weekend. I took three years of photography in High School and a studio class in college, but getting […]

245 // June 29, 2008 First, I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and emails about the unfortunate condition from Friday. We are in the clear and have been un-contagious — so much that our friends that were visiting came down to spend Saturday night with us. Anyway, we ended up going to […]

Blue and Yellow


237 // Jun 21, 2008 More pictures from the walk yesterday. A typical rush-hour helicopter monitoring the traffic around Denver flies overhead. I wondered what determines the color of fire hydrants? Back in Chicago (suburbs), they are red. Denver they are yellow, and I swear I’ve seen blue ones around somewhere too. Guess the reds […]

236 // June 20,2008 Happy First Day of Summer (officially). Took Mr. Cub for a walk after work today, an activity that is a twice-a-day event. Silly puppy gets tired on walks, but when he gets home it’s all play, play, play. Another daily event is the silly Ice Cream Truck that moves waay to […]



159 // March 27, 2008 Bus merging onto the highway. No, I wasn’t driving — was in the passenger’s seat 😛

129 // February 29, 2008 Looking down at the snowy, wet cross streets in downtown Chicago.