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471 // March 23, 2009 Continued from yesterday, we started on our up the hike to Mt. Morrison at Red Rock Entrance #4. This view was within the first 10 minutes. Soon, we were high up – this is a view of the hogbacks of the Colorado Front Range. Finally, at the summit of Mt. […]



462 // March 12, 2009 Tracks in Summit County, Colrorado.

547 // March 7, 2009 The annual snowshoe fundraiser event – Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer – took place in Frisco, Colorado this morning. Our “Team Lima Bean” set out early in search of the pancakes that were offered to all participants. The bus took us from Summit High School right by Breckenridge […]



444 // February 16, 2009 Everything comes in threes from the Trinity United Methodist Church in Denver. I particularly liked the typography on the building, so I shot this photo while sitting at the stoplight.

Pink Layers


442 // February 14, 2009 Happy Valentine’s Day

Frozen Lake


440 // February 12, 2009 Keystone’s Lakeside Village.

438 // February 10, 2009 Child’s swing in front of a neighborhood house.

436 // February 06, 2009 My co-worker’s new toy came in the mail today. Nope, not a plane… a Nikon D60. Naturally a few test shots had to be taken, so this one was outside his window, looking at a plane that just took off from Centennial Airport. Have fun with it this weekend – […]

429 // Januray 28, 2009 Polarizing UV filter used – no post processing on this photo.

Not So Perfect


428 // January 27, 2008 Struck this guy once before deeming it photo-worthy.

Cub on the Run


426 // January 25, 2009 I wish I can show you this image blown up to true size. Actually I can show you a little bit larger version – keep in mind the photo isn’t a panoramic, it has been cropped. Cubbie loves the snow and I think if he could talk human, he’d ask […]

Macro Pine Cone


425 // January 22, 2009 Pine cone still hanging around in January. Taken with a super-macro lens.



423 // January 20, 2009 Happy Inauguration Day!

Her View


422 // January 19, 2009 Another portrait from yesterday. I had to share this one for a couple reasons. Babies see a lot – they are learning about the world around them, looking at colors and shapes. It was amazing to view this picture and see something more… …she sees me.