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619 // November 23, 2009 Estes Park, Colorado. Advertisements

557 // July 16, 2009 Long sign, when first entering the town of Leadville, CO. I love the uniqueness of the handpainted sign – original and and sets the tone of what sort of town this city is.

Icehouse Lofts


483 // April 08. 2009 18th and Wynkoop – some beautiful and intriguing painting on the building I’ve admired from afar. Quick history about the lofts.

373 // November 18, 2008 No, don’t get the wrong idea. Even though it was a beautiful, 75 degrees here in Denver today, I was still working inside. I have a hunch that this will be the last weather like this until late spring.

350 // October 23, 2008 Remember this post? Well, the other board needs some finishing now this weekend. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you could tell what the theme of the bags board will be just by this snippet… I’ll be able to post the fully finished piece this weekend and hopefully […]

295 // August 20, 2008 Continued from yesterday. Don’t know how many of you paint, but I love the attention to detail that painting requires; not to mention having to pick out the exact brush that will get the job done right. A commenter yesterday guessed one part of the first board by just seeing […]

293 // August 18, 2008 Isn’t the reflective sun through the glass just beautiful on the paint? I’ve been doing a lot of arts-n-crafts lately, especially projects that involve getting dirty with paints. Stay tuned — I started a very exciting project tonight, and I’ll take you through the beginning of the process tomorrow…

283 // August 07, 2008 In the aisle of one of my favorite stores, Michael’s. Too many colors, too little time… right? 🙂

275 // July 29, 2008 Another old building in Downtown Denver that has some very old paint on it. The only info that I could find online is on Google Sketchup, unfortunately.

239 // June 23, 2008 Also taken in Denver’s Art District from Saturday. Does this building look familiar? It should — I posted it back in January, but with my digital camera. (I also took a couple pictures with my Alpa Reflex, but haven’t finished the roll yet… excited to see the results sometime this […]



203 // May 14, 2008 Graffiti appropriately painted (though not appropriate) outside in the back of Puppy Kindergarten class.

Burte Hotel


083 // January 10, 2008 This was taken of an old building off of Broadway and 10th in Denver — the hotel no longer exists, and the building incidentally holds a pawn shop. Absolutely loving and appreciating the textures and colors here, I honestly hope they never paint over this. This makes me want to […]