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Framed Cameras


618 // November 22, 2009 Framed Cine-Kodak Eight Model 20 (1932 – movie camera) I will apologize in advance, as some (maybe most of my frequent) readers have already seen these photos. Been off my feet for a week now, sick, so I have been running really low on recent photos and the reserve bank. […]

349 // October 22, 2008 Thank you so much for everyone who commented or wrote notes of congratulations for my blog’s one-year-anniversary. It’s been an outstanding year! Hubs, Auntie Jani and Jon Fisher… come on down! Hubs – I know you’re from Colorado, so I’m choosing you to receive the four 4×6 prints from Kenosha […]



125 // February 21, 2008 A collaborate design book I participated in came via FedEx today! This is a limited edition, handmade book that only enough are made for the participants involved. The theme was “Alphabet” and you can see from the pictures that the packaging to the decorative elements were all related to this […]

Goodie Pack!


082 // January 09, 2008 This past holiday season I noticed that quite a few designers that blog have contests for their readers, which is actually excellent promotion and exposure for them (which is what I’ll be doing in this post, hehe). I participated in a couple of the contests, and ended up winning one! […]